Thursday, November 6, 2008


In the wake of Super Tuesday's landslide and the onslaught of the countless celebratory victory proclamations on Myspace, Facebook and other pointless social tools that my generation has become accustomed to, I've decided to set aside my prejudice against mediocre online "writers" to voice my opinion on what has become of "liberal" America. So on Tuesday, the political Left finally broke the stranglehold that conservatives have kept on the capitol since Clinton lost control of Congress in the mid '90's, yet look at how much damage to our national reputation and stability had to occur before the American population of sheep demanded a "change". Only after EIGHT consecutive years of economic downturn, war-mongering, and utterly revolting debates over seemingly miniscule social issues, did the Democratic party finally step up to overthrow Bush's 4th Reich, but not before Prince George could win a landslide of his own in 2004 simply because the American people didn't want to give homosexuals the right to get married. So be REALLY proud of yourselves, Democrats, you finally figured out how to outsmart a bunch of rednecks and right-wing Christians, although you'd think it wouldn't be hard to undermine a group of people who look at gravity as a "theory". When January rolls around and President Obama is sworn into office, there will be millions celebrating worldwide, but I think it is also important to remember that the next inauguration day will mark the day that the great American people allowed possibly the single worst president in our nations long and often shameful history to serve his full term without even the slightest hint of impeachment. This man wiped his ass with the Constitution but I seem to be the only person left screaming that he deserves the most severe of punishments for his actions as the great American Despot, a fact that only perpetuates my theory that your average Democrat lives life sans testicles, which is why I hesitate considering these people liberals in the same fashion as I do myself. Yes, the election was a historic one and speaks volumes about just how far we have come concerning social prejudice, but that does not excuse how long it took for the "Left" to step up and take the reigns from the immoral majority. How many thousands lost their lives for absolutely no reason in Afghanistan and Iraq, on both sides, while the supposed good guys took their sweet time carefully picking their poster boy? Now just might be the right time for the Democrats and liberals of America to regain some of that true American grit during the next four years, as we will be entering one of the most fragile times in American history, with a President who will surely endure more unfair scrutiny than anyone who has served before him, and if there aren't people on his side ready to actually stand up and fight for what they believe in, not just say "change" as if it were some mystical mantra, then the GOP are destined to walk all over the rational people of our country for another quarter century, or worse. I think I heard a shot.